Frontline City Donetsk - Republica Non Grata (Trailer English)

Juni 30, 2016

Donetsk. Spring 2016.
The republics existed since 2 years. And since 2 years there is war going on in this region.

Donbass is a mystery for so many. A blind spot when it comes to the
everyday reality there. We know of shelling and heroic stories, we know
of humanitarian disaster and suffering, we know of the "military
situation". We know of sensations and emotions. What else do you know?
knows the real details. They are not to be discussed on the evening
news or in reports during prime time. So they do not exist.

the West, there is still the narrative of a region under "pro-Russian
separatist control," dominated by "masked terrorists" who are "supported
by Russia if were not even sent" to destroy the Ukraine on behalf of
the Kremlin.

This film takes a look inside the republics.
is reality and what is paranoia? 12 months filming in Donetsk and
environment explore the question: What is the Donetsk People's Republic?
How is it and how is it to live in there?

After the publishing of the film, 13 detailed reports addressed in this film will be published separately.
To finish the movie, we need your support. Please help us!


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